Representing all things modern, Oliversan's decor says it all. From the lush, elegant furniture, and the bowler "hat" lighting, to the beautiful marquis chairs. Add to the picture a carefully constructed menu that centers on traditional Asian dishes, yet integrates international, exotic ingredients, and you have an unprecedented culinary experience.

About us

Oliversan was founded in 2013 in Kuwait City, Kuwait. The product of many years of research and gastronomic exploration, Oliversan presents a concept that is unprecedented in Kuwait. An elegantly modern dining experience that integrates almost every single Asian cuisine with modern cooking methods and presentations. You will experience exotic ingredients such as Ostrich meat, Bok Choy, Wild Mushrooms, house-made extra virgin olive oil, yuzu, and oolong tea leaves. Sit back, relax, enjoy the beautiful setting, and the most originally imaginative, modern Asian fusion experience in Kuwait.


Our Location

Oliversan Restaurant

Sour Street
Burj Jassim
Mezzanine Floor
Kuwait City, Kuwait
Restaurant: +965 22901051
Delivery : +965 22901050
Email: burjjassim@oliversan.net
Reservation & Order Taker : From 12:00 PM till 11:30 PM
Deliveries & Takeaway : From 12:00 PM till 11:30 PM
Oliversan opens daily from 12:00 pm to 11:30 pm.
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The Chef

Having worked in glamorous cities like New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Tokyo, Chef Louis Kenji Huang has experimented with and perfected many cuisines. Chef Louis’ vast experience renders him a culinary master who is capable of adapting to any market, and providing an unequaled menu every time he steps into a kitchen. From the fish markets of Tokyo, to the street foods of Taiwan, the glamorous restaurants of New York, and the celebrity “hang-outs” in Los Angeles, Chef Louis has catered to numerous tastes, and created countless dishes. Having won several international awards, Chef Louis’ crowning feat to his already “rich” resume is one of the most unique contemporary Asian restaurants in the Middle East. Combining sweet and tangy sauces, exotic vegetables, and the most delectable meats. Chef Louis’ menu is several notches above its counterparts, and represents an unmatched journey into Asian fusion.